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California, the view of the world from the Golden State

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‘California, the view of the world from the Golden State’

The ‘California, the view of the world from the Golden State’ print is a tribute to one of the country’s most important States. The print highlights some of the places, attractions, points of interest that have made California a cultural, thought and industry leader around the world.

Coastal bluffs and snowy peaks were created over a millennia of tectonic upheavals. After 19th-century mining, logging and oil-drilling threatened to undermine the state’s natural splendors, California’s pioneering environmentalists – including John Muir and the Sierra Club – rescued old-growth trees and spurred the creation of national and state parks that still astound visitors today. Today, Hollywood still makes most of the world’s movies and TV shows, fed by a vibrant performing arts scene on stages across the state. California has long been a subject of interest in the public mind and has often been promoted by its promoters as a kind of paradise. In the early 20th century, fueled by the efforts of state and local promoters, many Americans saw the Golden State as an ideal resort destination, sunny and dry all year round with easy access to the ocean and mountains. With its natural beauty, people and diversity, there is no place on Earth like California. A link to my 2011 Documentary Film “Inspired by California”.


Snow appears on the San Gabriel Mountains behind palm trees, Monday, Jan. 7, 2013, in Los Angeles. Snowy, foggy weather in the Southern California mountains has closed an inland road and briefly slowed traffic on a major north-south freeway. A low-pressure system moving through the area Monday morning could leave 3 inches of snow in some places and drop the snow level to 3,000 feet. (AP Photo/Nick Ut) ORG XMIT: LA108

Palm trees in front of the San Gabriel Mountains

I am excited to include California in a portfolio of cities and regions I have illustrated over the last 20 years. As an artist, I have created edition posters celebrating cities and regions around the country. Some of those include Boston, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Route 128, Wall Street, Palo Alto, Watsonville and Santa Cruz to name a few.

 The California print is well under way and will be completed by November and available for distribution in December 2015.


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Sponsor logos appear at the bottom of the poster

The ‘California, the view of the world from the Golden State’ poster will be available for distribution in December. The print will be promoted through, social media channels and targeted events. I am looking for a limited number of regional sponsors that embody the spirit of California, its culture and community.

The poster will be used as a promotional tool over the next 2 years. The poster will be 19″ X 27″ and 10,000 will be printed and distributed in bookshops, local shops, visitor centers and venues throughout California. The poster will also be distributed by sponsoring companies and available online.

Sponsors have found that people identify with sponsor contributions to economic development, local culture and best practices for industry.

Benefits include:

  • Identity representation on the poster for 2 years

  • Institutional marketing

  • Identity representation on web and social media campaigns

  • Sponsorship is an inexpensive way to be seen by thousands of individuals throughout California

  • The posters are a great promotional tool and have been enjoyed by people around the world

  • Each Sponsor receives complimentary posters and by selling their complimentary posters, sponsors have recouped their sponsorship investment

  • The poster will be distributed in all 12 of California’s Tourist areas


The 12 Tourist areas throughout California

Sponsor Rates click here


University of California, Santa Cruz
Bay Federal Credit Union
Santa Cruz County Bank
City of Watsonville
Pajaro Valley Arts Council
National Marine Sanctuaries Monterey Bay
Bank of Boston
Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce
Garden Court Hotel
Sheraton Corporation
Farm to Fork
New Leaf Markets
Shawmut Bank
Communications & Power Industries, International
Museum of Art & History
Accent Arts
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
EF Hutton
Sonata Hotels
True Olive Connection
Watsonville Airport
Habitat for Humanities
Santa Cruz County Arts Council
Bookshop Santa Cruz
Sante Wines
Sacramento State University
UC Davis Health System
San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau



The Watsonville poster on the cover of Goodtimes weekly Arts & Entertainment Magazine


All mapmakers choose what to include as well as what to leave out — and accordingly, a map is a reflection of its maker and how it will be used. Santa Cruz artist Kirby Scudder created a poster of Santa Cruz that included only the features he found most emblematic of the city. To create large city maps, he uses Google Earth for research and Photoshop with a Wacom tablet to painstakingly draw people, vehicles, buildings, shadows, land and water features from an angled aerial perspective. He takes great liberties with spatial accuracy — bending and foreshortening land masses, selectively showing only the resonant landmarks, streets and buildings he believes are the essence of “The Cruz.”  Santa Cruz Sentinel 2015

“Mr. Scudder’s posters have been collected by buyers from around the globe, a reflection of his keen eye and commitment to the regions that he illustrates. His unique vantage point captures the insider’s view of the communities he portrays. When completed he has captured the spirit of a place for thousands of viewers to enjoy.”  Benjamin Taylor, Painter/Educator

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