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Releasing “The Cruz” Poster in March

Santa Cruz, CA was formed during the great ice storm of 1969 AD. During this catastrophic , natural disaster, people from around the globe were brought together on tiny slivers of ice to this, then small fishing village. As this great winter began to thaw, these people began to form small bands of communities and thrive. Some began the Catalyst Tribe, some began the let’s have shopping Tribe and some just said let’s go to the top of the hill and start the learning Tribe. None of these Tribes knew what the other was doing and when they crossed paths the polite, response to each other was the universal word “dude”. And so it was for years, until one year the Tribal Cheiftan “O’Neill” said water is wet and water is cold, and enough is enough and began what is now the largest Tribe in Santa Cruz, the “wetsuit” Tribe.

No one really knows what Santa Cruz is or if the folklore is true or not, but what we all recognize is that Santa Cruz is not a place, it’s “The Cruz”. The First Edition was printed in 2009 launched as the Planet Cruz poster, a visual representation of the Planet Cruz Comedy Hour with Richard Stockton. Now the new 2012 Edition illustrated by artist Kirby Scudder comes out in March.

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