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Community – ‘Night-Light’ A 4.5 mile light installation along the coast of Monterey Bay

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In 2006 and 2007 I got to realize one of my dreams as an artist, something that could have only happened in Santa Cruz. I placed 500 powerful spotlight along 4 ½ miles of West Cliff’s coastline on International Peace Day for one hour in the name of peace.

Below is an excerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle article by Steve Rubenstein about the project.
Something important is going to happen in Santa Cruz tonight, involving the Pacific Coast and 500 giant flashlights.
What Scudder plans to do is to position a battery-powered light roughly the size of a car headlight every 30 feet along West Cliff Drive overlooking the sea, point them all straight up, have volunteers turn them all on at 9 p.m. and see what happens. The lights will stay on until the batteries run out.
Art is always challenging, and the most challenging thing about working in the medium of giant flashlights is getting your hands on 500 of them. Scudder called every Costco store in the Bay Area before settling on a wholesaler who came up with all 500 lights at $34 per.
On Wednesday, Scudder dropped by a downtown Santa Cruz
warehouse, to visit his cache of flashlights, which were plugged in
and getting charged for their big moment. He grabbed one of the lights and headed for West Cliff Drive, a 3-mile-long stretch of high-rent neighborhood. Birds swooped, clouds wafted past, and the
breakers crashed on the rocks below under the bright morning
sun, which Scudder acknowledged was even brighter than one of the
15 million-candlepower lights.
The project is something along the lines of what the artist Christo does, such as the 24.5-mile “Running Fence” that adorned Marin and Sonoma counties for two weeks in 1976. Scudder acknowledges his debt to the master of weird giant outdoor art stuff.
Scudder, a native of New York City, got into the peace art trade partly to honor the memory of his late mother, a Quaker, who was less than delighted when Scudder enlisted in the Navy at age 18. “She almost disowned me,” the artist said with a smile. “But the world is a
complicated place.”





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