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“you have no new messages’ for the 5th anniversary of the Tannery Arts Center June 21st, 2014.


I built the sculpture in the Hide House (site of the future Theater) at the Tannery during the course of a month. It was made in 3 equal size pieces that were eventually put together with a fork lift. It is made out of a wooden structure consisting of 2X4s and 1X3s. The exterior is shaped from 100 cardboard sheets that I get from Costco. The final surface is a combination of newspaper soaked in a dense coat of wood glue and pigment. I then painted it with a latex based paint treated with a weather proof sealer. I built the sculpture to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Tannery and the breaking ground of the new theater, which is why he is facing the front door of the theater. I wanted to do something whimsical that would reflect all of the arts on the campus here, so the small cow sitting on the shoulders of the larger cow is juggling 10 brightly colored balls (representing both the performing and creative arts) while the cow below is checking email on his imac (representing the digital arts) hence the title ‘you have no new messages’. My biggest concern with a piece that big is the wind. We are in a very strong wind tunnel and I was concerned that the top piece might be ripped off in a high wind. So I have a series of guide wires running off of it as well as securing it to the adjacent fence.

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