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30′ Swallow’s Nest Sculpture for “Ebb & Flow”

When the big art and performance event “Ebb & Flow” was last held in 2015, Arts Council Santa Cruz County did a survey and found that 40 percent of the event’s participants had never been on the San Lorenzo Riverwalk or to the Tannery Arts Center.

That’s certainly one way to measure success of “Ebb & Flow,” which returns to downtown Santa Cruz this weekend, because one of the primary purposes of the event is to simply to get people out to those venues.

On Friday, “Ebb & Flow” will begin on Cooper Street downtown, certainly not a lightly trafficked area. But eventually it will move the party out onto the San Lorenzo Friday night, and on to the Tannery on Saturday.

“The whole thing is based on what was successful in 2015,” said Michelle Williams, the executive director of the Arts Council, the main coordinators of the event. “We’re just elevating it up.”

The event features two separate arts festivals as well as a night-time river walk with LED-lit art and performance, and a kinetic-art parade, alongside the San Lorenzo.

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