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Event Santa Cruz : The Tannery – A Curated community

Each of our speakers this month embodies the diversity, creativity, and individuality that make The Tannery a destination for local art.

6:00 — Event starts, beer, and samples from Pure Heart Chocolate, My Mom’s Mole, Living Roots Food and Floral, Lionfish Supperclub, and The Curated Feast will be there as well to show off their next Feast: the Silk Road.

7:00 — The Main Event: Speakers Begin

Scheduled Speakers:

Ann Hazels – Radius Gallery
Michelle Williams – Arts Council Santa Cruz County
Caroline Webster – WBSTR creative
Kirby Scudder – Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art
Cat Willis – Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center
Music guest – Matt Ruiz, Wireless, and Salif Kone

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