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Tannery Artist Releases Caricature Poster of ‘The Cruz’

The Cruz Poster

How do people in Santa Cruz see themselves? And how do they see the rest of the world?

These are two questions Kirby Scudder had fun exploring while working on his latest poster The Cruz. The poster is designed after the famous illustration by Saul Steinberg, which appeared on the cover of the New Yorker Magazine in March of 1976. The humorous “one-point-perspective” poster was a caricature of New York’s alleged New York-centric view of the world.

“It became immediately the most popular cover… In those days there was no Internet, and everybody called in and said ‘where can we get a copy of that?,'” said Scudder.

So Steinberg released a limited edition poster.

“I think he made a hundred thousand copies and sold out in like a week,” said Scudder.

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