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My “Mad Hatter” hole with my 8′ rabbit sculpture

Hundreds of curious golfers showed up in Downtown Santa Cruz over the weekend to take part in the first ever Downtown Santa Cruz “Pre-Am” Mini Golf / Art Festival.

Nine miniature golf course holes were designed by teams of artists and engineers and placed in Downtown restaurants and retail spots. Golfers were sent on their way to tackle the challenges of the course, vote on their favorite hole and have a great time doing it. The voting, sponsored and incentivized by the Pacific Cookie Company had every one of the holes contending for the top seat, but in the end Surf and Turf by Downtown Technology Company, Launch Brigade took the Top honors. Surf and Turf was sponsored by 99 bottles and provided a bit of entertainment to folks partaking in Burger Week

Kirby Scudder took us into the rabbit hole with his Alice in wonderland inspired hole at Bohemian Boutique, a new location on Pacific offering fine women’s’ and children’s clothing. The hole featured a 6 foot White Rabbit and many of Scudder’s Alice in Wonderland paintings.



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