Saving Our State Parks, One at a Time

Listen above to the interview with Bonnie Hawley, by Kirby Scudder.
Bonnie Hawley is the Executive Director of Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks.

Photo: Ginger Wilcox/ flicker – maringinger

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks was founded in 1976 to support the interpretive programs of coastal state parks in Santa Cruz County. Friends’–a non-profit park partner–strives to ensure that the history, traditions and natural beauty of Santa Cruz County State Parks are enjoyed today and by future generations. Each year more than 327,601 visitors–including thousands of school children–participate in over 4,328 free educational programs funded by Friends.

As state park budgets continue to be slashed and more people are enjoying the parks, Friends’ work becomes increasingly urgent as we are relied upon to fund the essential educational programs and stewardship initiates within our local state parks.