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23′ Coho Salmon sculpture

The team in front of my 23′ Coho Salmon installed on the Soquel Bridge for “Ebb & Flow”. The Ebb & Flow River Arts Project celebrates and enlivens the San Lorenzo River and the Tannery Arts Center through activities that unite arts and river enthusiasts, and connect the greater community. Through Ebb & Flow, together with artists, activists, neighbors, and strangers we’ve built relationships and energized the use of the river and the Tannery campus.

The Ebb & Flow River Arts Project reunites our community with the river. We’re harnessing the power of the arts to:

– Educate folks about our City’s most important water source
– Enliven the RiverWalk – a stunning public park that’s there for all of us
– Inspire new relationships between artists and river stewards
– Build artworks that tell stories about our river’s past, present, and future
– Bring our community together to celebrate the arts and our river

Before we hung the Salmon on the Bridge we drove it around town to several interesting places, a fish out of water.

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