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“GoodTimes: arts and entertainment weekly – The untold story of how Kirby Scudder’s cow art won the battle for the Tannery.

It’s good to have read about Kirby in “How Now Art Cow”. Kirby was key in the process of opening the Tannery Art Space Lofts in the beginning. Because of people like him, the Tannery has taken a more successful path. These days the campus is a very hip, creative, educational, and technical learning environment. It is home to many children, who are growing up in this lively environment where childrens’ art, dance, writing, and science classes take a dominant place.

For anyone visiting town, or anyone who cares to come bringing the spirit of immersion into the arts, take time now to invest yourself in the Tannery Art Center in Santa Cruz. I’m glad I do!

Coral L. Brune, Santa Cruz


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