Capitola, view from the City by the Sea

My 5′ Paper Mache Cow Head, commissioned for Rebecca’s published in the Summer, Arts Edition of Interior Design Magazine

A university town with a hippie vibe, Santa Cruz, California, has long been artist-friendly. But it has also faced a need for affordable live-work accommodations for creatives who have been displaced by luxury… Continue reading

New Orleans through the eyes of Lewis Watts

La Nouvelle-Orléans, New Orleans had been inhabited by the Chitimacha people until its discovery in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company’s Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. The Region was named after Philippe d’Orléans,… Continue reading

“100 First Fridays” Mixed Media on Panel

The First Friday art tour has transformed the Santa Cruz arts scene — that didn’t happen by accident The epiphany that saved First Friday Santa Cruz came one morning in 2006.The day before,… Continue reading

Interview with Director, Lisa Uttal, the Monterey Bay Sanctuary, Exploration Center

        Twenty years after its designation as the nation’s largest marine sanctuary, a new state-of-the art visitors center opens in July 2012 highlighting the spectacular Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.… Continue reading

Wine Country Blog – Goodtimes

I never really realized how amazing wine is.  When I say that, I don’t mean that I haven’t tasted all sorts of amazing wines and enjoyed their after-effects.  What I mean, really, is… Continue reading

Alexandra Grenham, and her husband, John, live in the North End of Boston hang one of my collages

       When the majority of your space is one open room, decorating can be a challenge, but Alexandra has it mastered. Contemporary practical pieces — like the large outdoor table converted… Continue reading

Sentinel video of the 27′ girl

Interview with Magnus Toren, Director of the Henry Miller Library

PLAY With his skipper”s license his only formal degree, Toren has been the executive director of the Henry Miller Library on Highway 1 in Big Sur since 1993. And Miller himself probably could… Continue reading

Sentinel piece on the Artist, Haze Novica

I created a fake artist name ‘Haze Novica’ and created a 27′ sculpture of a young girl with a great sense of curiosity who only wanted to peer in the second story windows… Continue reading

Hanging the 30′ mural of “The Cruz” on the Westside of Santa Cruz

How do people in Santa Cruz see themselves? And how do they see the rest of the world? These are two questions Kirby Scudder had fun exploring while working on his latest poster The… Continue reading

  • BUY NOW “Lake Tahoe Poster”

    The lake was formed about 2 million years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin, with the modern extent being shaped during the ice ages. It is known for the clarity of its water and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides.

  • BUY NOW “Watsonville, CA Poster”.

    Watsonville, California is known all over the world as a center for agriculture, especially berries. Watsonville is in the heart of the Californian vegetable and fruit growing area within the fertile Salinas Valley and Pajaro Valley.

  • BUY NOW “Palo Alto, CA Poster”.

    Palo Alto, California has to be considered among one of this country’s great cities. It is a city that strives for and lives by a standard of excellence.

  • BUY NOW “Ventura, CA” Poster

    Ventura lies along U.S. Route 101 between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, which was one of the original U.S. Routes. The highway is now known as the Ventura Freeway, but the original route through the town along Main Street has been designated El Camino Real.

  • BUY NOW “Sacramento, CA” Poster

    The city has always been a hub of river transportation and is a major deep-water port connected to the Pacific Ocean. Sacramento's economy is highly diversified and, along with state government and military installations, its industries include aerospace, high technology, furniture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, meat packing, and food processing of crops from the Central Valley.

  • BUY NOW “Tannery Arts Center Poster”

    For years Santa Cruz has been missing a central hub for the arts – a place near downtown for artists to live, work, and share their creative process and its results with the public. The Tannery Arts Center has been actively working to create that hub since opening 100 affordable live-work units for artists in 2009 and 28 working studios in 2012.

  • BUY NOW “The Santa Cruz Poster”

    The present-day site of Santa Cruz was the location of Spanish settlement beginning in 1791, including Mission Santa Cruz and the pueblo of Branciforte. Following the Mexican–American War of 1846–48, California became the 31st state in 1850. The City of Santa Cruz was incorporated in 1866 and chartered in April 1876.

  • BUY NOW “The Davis, CA Poster”

    Davis grew into a Southern Pacific Railroad depot built in 1868. It was then known as "Davisville", named after Jerome C. Davis, a prominent local farmer. However, the post office at Davisville shortened the town name simply to "Davis" in 1907. The name stuck, and the city of Davis was incorporated on March 28, 1917.

  • The Palo Alto Poster, Puzzle

    This is a 418 piece puzzle of Kirby Scudder's imaginative map of Palo Alto, California. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley (and right next to where we make these puzzles), Palo Alto is a city of innovation. This puzzle follows suit with innovative patterns designed by Jef Bambas and whimsies designed by Kathryn Flocken representing many of the city's history and features.

  • BUY NOW “The Cruz” Poster.

    The 'Cruz Poster' is a visual exploration of the culture and perspectives of a unique Northern California coastal community whose creative influence is global.

  • BUY NOW “Capitola, CA” Poster.

    The original settlement now known as Capitola grew out of what was then called Soquel Landing. Soquel Landing got its name from a wharf located at the mouth of Soquel Creek.

  • BUY NOW ‘The Cruz’ book. A look inside the creative force that is Santa Cruz, CA. 200 Pages

    Buy it now! $22

    A Northern California Coastal Community that became one of the Nation’s important creative meccas. A look at the people who made that happen and why. In my recent book 'The Cruz' profiles the artists and creative thought leaders that have shaped the artistic direction of this community for years to come.

  • BUY NOW “Rabbits that don’t fit in” Paintings

    “Rabbits that don’t fit in” a series of portraits of rabbits that no longer fit in. Once contributing members of society, these rabbits, through personal choices and circumstances now find themselves as outsiders. The stories about Thumper & Bella, Captain Flopsy, Cynthia O’Hare, Pelt, Velvet Sheen, Jack Cotton, Energizer, Brer and Jessica Rabbit, Trix, Sir Grey March and more.

  • Cow sculpture at the Tannery Artbar & Cafe. Summer photo layout for Interior Design Magazine.

    Cow sculpture, commissioned by Rebecca's Cafe in 'Interior Design Magazine' Summer edition. In the summer of 2012 Interior Design Magazine hired renowned Architectural photographer Art Gray to spend 3 days documenting the newly renovated Tannery Arts Center for the summer edition. Here is my interview with Art Gray. Art shot a picture of my recently installed cow head sculpture at the Tannery cafe.

  • Gail Rich Award. Photo by Shmuel Thaler. A great honor to be amongst the creatives in Santa Cruz.

    Artist, collaborator, salesman, curator, idea man, hustler, fixer, midwife to the very scene that inspires all those Keep Santa Cruz Weird’ bumper stickers: You can call Kirby Scudder all those things and more. A refugee of the 1990s dot-com bust, Kirby has lived a dozen lifetimes since moving to Santa Cruz in 2003. He was the artist who created the enormous papier-mache cows in the early days of the Salz Tannery art project, at the same time, opening art galleries in several downtown spaces in an effort to create a welcoming environment for edgy visual arts. He set up spotlights along West Cliff Drive as a commemoration to the ideal of world peace. He established the First Friday Art Tour, a prominent event on the local arts calendar, and curated shows at the Attic, the Mill Gallery and the Dead Cow Gallery. As the resident visionary at the Dead Cow and the director of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art, Kirby has also become the symbol of the emerging Tannery Arts Center and worked closely with the city to create a vibrant Santa Cruz scene, one crazy project at a time. Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel

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