Watsonville, Poster

Click on the image of Watsonville Airport below to learn more about the ‘Watsonville, the view from the Strawberry Capital of the World’ Poster

DIY: Maps are powerful tools for deciphering an increasingly inter-linked world – by Tina Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel

    Maps help fulfill “the need to visualize our little lives in the context of a grander scale.” — Ken Jennings Before I take a trip to an unfamiliar place, I go… Continue reading

GoodTimes – The untold story of how Kirby Scudder’s cow art won the battle for the Tannery.

It’s good to have read about Kirby in “How Now Art Cow”. Kirby was key in the process of opening the Tannery Art Space Lofts in the beginning. Because of people like him,… Continue reading

Interview on ‘Artists on Art’ with Nada

Art Activist, Curator and Creator, Kirby Scudder is a driving force behind much of the art happenings in Santa Cruz. He is the co-director and co-founder of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary… Continue reading

  • “The Cruz” Poster

    The 'Cruz Poster' is a visual exploration of the culture and perspectives of a unique Northern California coastal community whose influence is global.

  • Palo Alto Poster

    Palo Alto, California has to be considered among one of this country’s great cities. It is a city that strives for and lives by a standard of excellence. What Palo Alto has become is the result of the contributions of many individuals along with the commitment that Leland Stanford brought to this northern California community in the 19th century. Today, Palo Alto is a world leader influencing global standards of excellence in technology, education, design and beyond.

  • My book on ‘The Cruz’

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    A Northern California Coastal Community that became one of the Nation’s important creative meccas. A look at the people who made that happen and why. In my recent book 'The Cruz' profiles the artists and creative thought leaders that have shaped the artistic direction of this community for years to come.

  • Cow sculpture

    Cow sculpture, commissioned by Rebecca's Cafe in 'Interior Design Magazine' Summer edition. In the summer of 2012 Interior Design Magazine hired renowned Architectural photographer Art Gray to spend 3 days documenting the newly renovated Tannery Arts Center for the summer edition. Here is my interview with Art Gray. Art shot a picture of my recently installed cow head sculpture at the Tannery cafe.

  • Gail Rich Award

  • The 27′ girl that traveled around the county asking “what’s going on in there?”

  • ‘Harvest Moon’ video

    Harvest Moon a 30 day installation made from cardboard.

  • My interview with Internationally renowned, Santa Cruz Cellist, Barry Phillips. ‘My time spent with Ravi Shankar’.

    Six degrees of separation is a theory originally proposed. by playwright Frigyes Karinthy and popularized in a play written by John Guare. The theory is that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. After moving to Santa Cruz nine years ago, I believe the theory is more likely, two degrees of separation. I have often been surprised by how many people are connected to Santa Cruz in some way and yet the only name I haven’t heard mentioned is Kevin Bacon.Small degrees of separation is the story behind how Internationally renowned, Santa Cruz based, Cellist, Barry Phillips met Internationally renowned, contemporary Indian composer and musician Ravi Shankar in 1996 and spent almost 20 years working together until Ravi’s death at the age of 92 in 2012.

  • The building of a dozen 17′ X 30′ paper mache cows at the Tannery

    In 2005 and 2006 I built 12 large cows from paper mache to celebrate the development of the Tannery Arts Center. It took six months, 60 gallons of glue, 500 copies of the Goodtimes and a lot of help from the community.