GoodTimes article on cow sculptures at the Tannery

The story of Kirby Scudder’s cow art is the story of the Tannery Driving down Highway 9 through Harvey West, you might find it surprising to spot a cow in the middle of… Continue reading

New Mixed Media work

Local Community in the Era of Social Media Technologies: A Global Approach By Hui-Lan Titangos (excerpt)

Hui-Lan Titangos Elsevier, Aug 31, 2013 – Social Science – 304 pages Social media technologies can help connect local communities to the wider world. Local Community in the Era of Social Media Technologies… Continue reading

Discussing my book ‘The Cruz’ on KSCO

 Listen to the full show here    

My ongoing column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel – Art Studio

Well known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and co-founder of E.piphany, Steve Blank, blog on the Palo Alto poster and his K & S Ranch

Blank is known amongst entrepreneurs and students as one of the “The Godfathers of Silicon Valley.” I included his K & S Ranch in the poster as a tribute to Steve because of… Continue reading

Tales from the Tannery

Film by Romney Dunbar profiling the artists, community, history and the development of the Tannery Arts Center. The Tannery Arts Center BACKGROUND The Tannery Arts Center is a joint project developed by the… Continue reading

Interview on ‘Artists on Art’ with Nada

Art Activist, Curator and Creator, Kirby Scudder is a driving force behind much of the art happenings in Santa Cruz. He is the co-director and co-founder of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary… Continue reading

The making of a 30′ sculpture. “you have no new messages”

“You Have No New Messages” Driving up River Street past Highway 1, you may have taken note of what appears to be a double-decker cow. The 30-foot colorful wooden sculpture is the work… Continue reading

The making of the City Poster Series

A short video about the making of the Northern California Poster Series.

John Sandidge interview on ‘Talkabout’ KZSC with Wallace Baine and Kirby Scudder about The MUSE

Interview on ‘Artists on Art’

I had another opportunity to talk with Nada about the contemporary arts in Santa Cruz and as always is a pleasure to see her. Her weekly show ‘Artists on Arts’ is a great… Continue reading

Can one man make a difference – Artworks Magazine

This is a profile done by Artworks Magazine out of Carmel on the “Night-Light” project. They followed me up until the time of the project and wrote their perspective on doing a project… Continue reading

“you have no new messages’ for the 5th anniversary of the Tannery Arts Center June 21st, 2014.

I built the sculpture in the Hide House (site of the future Theater) at the Tannery during the course of a month. It was made in 3 equal size pieces that were eventually… Continue reading

30′ Santa Cruz Mural installed at the Tannery Arts Center

I reduxed ‘The Cruz’ poster to create a 30′ mural for a building on the West Side of Santa Cruz.  

Interviews – Interview with Phillip Glass – ‘Days and Nights Festival’

I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Phillip Glass when he was in Santa Cruz, about his newest project the “Days and Nights Festival” in Carmel Valley.

  • Welcome!

    My work as an artist, graphic illustrator, radio producer, columnist and arts programmer has helped illuminate my understanding of the immense impact creativity has on our society. Change comes from two sources. One source is a set of random or unique factors such as climate, weather, or the presence of specific groups of people. Another source is systematic factors such as a stable and flexible government, enough free and available resources, and a diverse social organization of society. So, on the whole, social change is usually a combination of systematic factors mixed with some random factors. The world is rich in natural resources and energy and with modern technology and judicious efficiency the needs of the global population can be met with abundance, while at the same time removing the current limitations of what is deemed possible due to notions of economic viability.

  • Cow sculpture

    Cow sculpture, commissioned by Rebecca's Cafe in 'Interior Design Magazine' Summer edition. In the summer of 2012 Interior Design Magazine hired renowned Architectural photographer Art Gray to spend 3 days documenting the newly renovated Tannery Arts Center for the summer edition. Here is my interview with Art Gray. Art shot a picture of my recently installed cow head sculpture at the Tannery cafe.

  • ‘Inspired by California’

    'Inspired by California' the film. Inspired By California a “Documentary Film and Social Media Project” is a two year long documentary film project that asks Californians what inspires them about California. In a time when the language about the State of California is singularly focused on it’s problems, Inspired by California is asking the question; what inspires Californians about their State, from the human to the natural resources that are available to us that will allow us to address the challenges that confront us as a State. This is a project about our home and our communities.

  • My interview with Ingrid Croce

    In 2011 for the 'Inspired by California' documentary film, I was lucky enough to meet and interview Ingrid Croce, wife of the late Jim Croce who had gone on to create an amazing entrepreneurial spirit in San Diego, transforming downtown into a vibrant new business model for the future. Her spirit was infectious.

  • ‘Harvest Moon’ video

    Harvest Moon a 30 day installation made from cardboard.

  • My interview with Internationally renowned, Santa Cruz Cellist, Barry Phillips. ‘My time spent with Ravi Shankar’.

    Six degrees of separation is a theory originally proposed. by playwright Frigyes Karinthy and popularized in a play written by John Guare. The theory is that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. After moving to Santa Cruz nine years ago, I believe the theory is more likely, two degrees of separation. I have often been surprised by how many people are connected to Santa Cruz in some way and yet the only name I haven’t heard mentioned is Kevin Bacon.Small degrees of separation is the story behind how Internationally renowned, Santa Cruz based, Cellist, Barry Phillips met Internationally renowned, contemporary Indian composer and musician Ravi Shankar in 1996 and spent almost 20 years working together until Ravi’s death at the age of 92 in 2012.

  • Gail Rich Award

  • The 27′ girl that traveled around the county asking “what’s going on in there?”

  • Interview on ‘Artists on Art’ with Nada Miljkovic

    Kirby Scudder on 'Artists on Art'. Artists on Art is a weekly radio interview show that centers around artists, their philosophies and practice while creating digital portraits and archive of the guests. Founded by Nada Miljkovic, a radio-activist artist researching and exploring new media forms that inspire understanding and tolerance across diverse cultures. Nada is continually exploring new technologies and developing new forms of cinematic and performative experiences in the virtual and physical realm. She works in digital video and net-art, radio, and performance.

  • John Sandidge interview with Wallace Baine and Kirby Scudder

    "Sleepy" John Sandidge is the King of All Media, Santa Cruz-style. He does two talk radio shows on one station and the premiere live music show on another. You can hear him on KZSC-FM (88.1) Wednesdays at 7 p.m. doing his show "Talkabout." Then, he does a show called "Bushwacker's Breakfast" from 6-9 a.m. on KZSC

  • My interview with the grand daughters of the late California Governor Pat Brown about their documentary ‘California State of Mind’

    Filmmaker Sascha Rice and the film’s producer Hillary Armstrong talk about their grand father and his contribution to the state of California. Told from his granddaughter's perspective, a dynamic American dream story unfolds in this unique portrait of Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown — "the Godfather of Modern California." Award‑winning filmmaker Sascha Rice creates an intimate, inside look at a California icon, the father of Governor Jerry Brown and the making of a political dynasty.

  • My interview with Doobie Brothers, Pat Simmons

    Photo: Stewart Vincient. The Doobie Brothers continue their long career with a steady schedule of touring. One of the band’s founders Pat Simmons spoke with KUSP’s Kirby Scudder ahead of their recent performance at the Santa Cruz Blues Festival.

  • My interview with Mel Haber owner of the famed Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs

    Mel Haber is the owner and proprietor of the Ingleside Inn and Melvyn's Restaurant in Palm Springs, California since 1975. Guests include Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Sylvester Stallone, Liza Minnelli, Liberace, Jerry Lewis, Barry Manilow, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Rita Hayworth, Pat Boone, Debbie Reynolds, Larry King, John Travolta, Sidney Sheldon, David Hasselhoff, President Gerald Ford, George Hamilton, and celebrity travel columnists Donald Pile and Ray Williams,.

  • Life size elephant lantern made for the Denver Zoo. Click on the image to see how it was made.

    Massive, gray Asian elephants along with rhinos, tapirs and gibbons — residents of the Denver Zoo’s new Elephant Passage — lay nearby, chewing and staring as Halterman and a crew of six workers installed hundreds of colorful Asian lanterns as part of the Zoo Lights festival opening Friday at the Denver Zoo. The Halterman-designed Festival of Lanterns takes up a good deal of real estate in the zoo, but Halterman is no stranger to large-scale installations. He’s provided the products for exhibits in Las Vegas in addition to designs for weddings and special events. From the moment he was offered the project, Halterman and his team had about four weeks to make it happen. Some of the lanterns were custom made or specially ordered and some came from his inventory. In addition, Santa Cruz artist Kirby Scudder custom built a life-size elephant lantern. Along with a smaller rhino, the one-of-a-kind piece will be spectacularly lit from the inside.

  • The building of a dozen 17′ X 30′ paper mache cows at the Tannery

    In 2005 and 2006 I built 12 large cows from paper mache to celebrate the development of the Tannery Arts Center. It took six months, 60 gallons of glue, 500 copies of the Goodtimes and a lot of help from the community.